The Junior Rifle Club is open to all kids in the area over 12 years old.  The Club shoots on Wednesday evenings from September until March or early April.  Junior Club membership is (currently) $25, but the parents do not have to be members of the Fish and Game Club in order for their kids to participate.

There is a mandatory safety class before the kids start shooting, but after that, they can shoot as much as they wish.  The Club works through the NRA Marksmanship Qualification Course starting with a prone position, then sitting, kneeling, and standing.  It generally takes several years to complete the whole course.  Awards and prizes are given each time a junior completes a section of the course.  All equipment is provided for the juniors – you don’t have to buy anything except ammo.  At the end of each season, there is a match against the parents – the kids have never lost!

Within the Junior Club, there is a smaller group that shoots competitively.  This group also shoots on Friday evenings and competes in Tournaments on the weekends.  They have been very successful, winning numerous state championships, national championships, and college scholarships.

There is a waiting list to get into the Junior Club, and it works on a “first come – first served” basis, so if you have a junior that would be interested in the program, or if you just have some questions, call Coach Kyle Donnan at 518-813-8024.