The Clubhouse

  • When using the clubhouse in the winter, do not turn up the furnace for the convenience of one or two people. Start up the wood stove. It’ll keep you toasty warm and save the club some money.
  • If you are the last person leaving the clubhouse, check that the lights are all off, the fans are off, and the furnace is turned down, then make sure the door locks behind you.
  • If you make a mess in the kitchen, (or anywhere else), clean it up. Take your garbage home with you. We do not have  garbage pickup service at the club.
  • The clubhouse is not available for use for large events such as parties, weddings, graduations, etc., nor are the tables and/or chairs available for use away from the club grounds, so don’t ask to borrow them. We’ve had several bad experiences with this.

The Indoor Range

  •  The indoor range is primarily for .22 rim-fire use, and for archery. We do allow for the use of center-fire pistols using pure lead bullets at low velocity (i,e, target loads). Use of jacketed bullets and/or high velocity bullets cause damage to the backstop and is prohibited. Repairs to the backstop are expensive and time consuming.
  •  Targets must be placed in the designated areas. Targets must be paper and roughly 12 to 18 inches square. Large targets, (such as people silhouette targets), lead to damage to the support structure, and again result in costly repairs.

The Outdoor Range

  • The 100 and 200 yard outdoor ranges are limited to shooting off the benches or shooting prone. This is so less skilled shooters don’t miss the backstop and send bullets off to land in our neighbors houses or yards.
  • Skillful shooters may take a simple marksmanship test and upon passing the test, they will be issued a special card that allows them to shoot from any position, Standing, Sitting, or Kneeling, on the 100 and 200 yard ranges. CONTACT the Club President to arrange a test.
  • When you are finished shooting, you are expected to remove shot up targets and place them in the burn barrel or take them home.
  • No glass targets may be used at any time.
  • Shot up cans, plastic bottles, etc. must be picked up and disposed of after shooting.
  • You are expected to read and comply with all the posted instructions on the range
  • The 25 and 50 yard ranges are provided with an “overshot protection system” to prevent shots from leaving the range. This system only works if the shooter stays at the firing line. If you want to shoot at distances shorter than 25 yards, then you must use the portable target frame to bring the targets closer to you – you MAY NOT advance towards the backstop to shoot at shorter ranges. This means that when shooting, you must be sitting at the bench, or standing directly in front of the bench.
  • When using the short ranges you must ensure that your bullets land in the backstop. Shooting at targets near ground level can result in ricochets – Targets placed near the sides of the range can result in bullets hitting the support structure. ensuring that you and your target are lined up such that bullets impact the backstop.
  • Use of steel targets is prohibited.
  • The outdoor ranges do not open until 8:00am and close at sunset.


  • Club members are allowed to bring guests – once or twice.  If your friend wants to come with you every time you come to the range, tell him/her to buy their own membership.


  • Scheduled events will always have priority over casual recreational use of the facilities.

The Front Gate

  • Your membership card unlocks the front gate. Unlock it, drive in, re-lock it. If you leave the gate open, then you are responsible for whoever drives in. If you lock the gate, and someone drives in, you may safely assume they’re a member.


This set of rule does not cover every eventuality. If you’re not sure of something, ask a club officer first. If you inadvertently damage or beak something – fix it. If it’s beyond your ability to fix it, contact a club officer and advise him/her of the problem. [ Reporting accidental damage will not result in disciplinary action – failing to report it, and causing us to review hours of tape to identify you, will almost certainly result in disciplinary action.]  A list of club officers’ names and phone numbers is generally posted on the clubhouse door


This is a lot to remember, so we suggest that when you are going over to the club that you review the applicable section. For example, if you plan to use the outdoor range, review the section on outdoor range etc. etc.


We take these rules very seriously. Willfully violating them will result in disciplinary action, up to and including revocation of club membership.