The Galway Rifle Team is a competitive shooting team consisting of members of the Galway Fish and Game Club.  It is indoor smallbore rifle shooting on a fifty foot range with .22 caliber target rifles.  The matches consist of twenty record shots – five at each of the four positions (prone, sitting, kneeling, and standing).  A perfect score would be 200 points.

Various types of target shooting equipment are required such as a target rifle (.22 long rifle caliber), a shooting jacket, and other pieces of equipment that the individual shooter desires or feels they need.

The competition shooting season begins the first Thursday in January, and lasts for 15 weeks, ending in April and followed by a League banquet in May.

The Galway Team shoots in The Tri-County Rifle Team Association consisting of seven teams from clubs around the area.

If anyone is interested in participating in this type of target shooting, or desires further information, you can call:

Colleen Tillson (518) 421-6544

Rich Everleth (518) 365-1535

All Galway Fish and Game Club members are welcome – we need your participation.